Can Nanotechnology Make Diapers Green?

Recently there has been vigorous public debate about the environmental footprint of disposable diapers (landfills, public health, use of oil, destroying trees). Today it is impossible to imagine raising a child without using diapers but there's considerable debate concerning diapers and landfills. The numbers can speak themselves: approximately 10,000 ton of diapers end up landfills a day which makes tens of billions of diapers a year. In addition to causing considerable harm to landfill, diapers require the enormous amount of oil (for the plastic) and trees (for the absorbent materials) to be produced.

One may say that a solution to this problem can be using disposable diapers. But disposable diapers aren't totally green, even those that are advertised to be. Some companies use cornstarch in the plastic of so called "green" diapers to make them more biodegradable so apparently they're not as environmentally friendly as they claim to be.

The totally new way to avoid landfills altogether is to use disposable diapers that can be flushed down the toilet. A company gDiaper specializes in producing diapers that are flushable. gDiaper simply doesn't use any plastic and its disposable diapers feature both re-useable and flushable components.

Nanobusiness Diapers Green gDiaper

Another approach is to incorporate nanotechnology in the diapers. Several years ago a company called Consolidated EcoProgress partnered with another firm, QuarTek, to make a disposable, flushable diaper based on nanotechnology. The manufactures claimed to use a plastic film made from some nanomaterials which breaks down in large amounts of water. Even though this innovative product got great attention from the press, the "nano diaper" still isn't available, while a feminine hygiene product is. By the way, nanomaterials are already applied in many other products, including the creams used to soothe and/or prevent diaper rash. Apparently, in the future, the new line of nanodiapers is soon to be launched that will meet all green standards and help save the environment.

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