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The NanoBusiness Alliance is the first industry association founded to advance the emerging business of nanotechnology and Microsystems for corporations, start-ups, researchers, universities, investors and a host of other key stakeholders. The Alliance’s mission is to create a collective voice of the emerging small tech industry and develop a range of initiatives to support and strengthen the nanotechnology business community, through public policy efforts, events, research, and through the creation of partnerships.

The NanoBusiness Alliance seeks to ensure that the United States—its companies, universities and people—are global leaders in the burgeoning nanotechnology field.  And the Alliance ventures to ensure the safe, secure and beneficial use of nanotechnology and nanoscience for all people.

Support the NanoBusiness Alliance
The NanoBusiness Alliance is an active voice for the nanobusiness community.  Our efforts benefit all nanotechnology businesses.  If you would like to support our efforts and play an active role in the Alliance, please consider joining as a full member.  Contact the Alliance at 312-224-8319 for details or click here to register online.


NanoBusiness Talent Program
The NanoBusiness Talent Program connects future scientists and high-tech companies by arranging summer internships for high school students at nanotechnology companies. Students develop their scientific acumen while working closely with scientists and entrepreneurs. Talent fellows are chosen from among the top junior and senior high school students for their passion for science and their potential to contribute significantly to research and innovation in emerging technology as they move forward in their careers. The NanoBusiness Alliance is the voice of the nation’s nanotechnology business community.

NanoBusiness Alliance’s Talent Program for gifted high school students.

NanoBusiness Alliance, 8045 Lamon Avenue, Skokie, Illinois 60077 (312) 224-8319
The NanoBusiness Alliance is a (501)(c)(6) trade organization.